Why do People Love Crystals?

People love crystals for a wide variety of reasons. If you love crystals you may love them for one specific reason or ALL of the reasons I have listed down below. Even if you're still unsure about crystals, maybe we can convince you otherwise. 

Why do people love crystals?


There are so many people out there who simply LOVE collecting! You'd be surprised what people obsess over to grow their valuable collections such as; figurines, plushies, coins, art, and even CRYSTALS. Crystals are so fun to collect because no two crystals are the same! Crystals are made by Mother Nature herself. Even if someone collects carved crystals, those aren't even completely the same. Some people are drawn to specific shapes, specific colors, and even sizes (such as only minis or only statement pieces). The possibilities are endless when curating your own special and unique crystal collection.


Many people are so drawn to crystals because of spiritual / healing purposes. Everyone has rights to their own beliefs, so please keep an open mind before judging beliefs you may not know much about. Those who believe in crystals for spiritual or healing journeys believe that each crystal has an energy that can be used for a specific purpose. Crystals can be placed in certain living areas of ones home for intentional reasons. For example, placing rose quartz in the bedroom would be beneficial to bring in love. Rose quartz is a crystal that works with the heart chakra and is known to be the stone of unconditional love. People also use crystals in mediation, rituals, and to wear as intentional jewelry. If you're interested in learning about crystals for healing, dive in and do more research! ❤️ 

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This one is a given! haha You don't need a reason to be drawn to crystals. If you like them great, if you don't, that is okay too. Crystals are millions of year old rocks / crystalline structures that were beautifully & naturally formed! All crystals have their own special features. Sparkly, smooth, rainbows insides, druzy caves, what not to love?

Whatever the reasoning, it is special!

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- Kiana

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